We give back.




J. White & Associates, founded in 2009 by Jeff and Kristel White, offers a unique form of brokerage to the professional beauty and retail industries. Their intense focus and collaborative approach to sales and marketing dictate that the firm only partner with a limited number of manufacturers. They work hand-in-glove to develop the optimal strategy for distribution to – and more importantly through – key points of distribution nationally. The firm’s management team carefully selects their vendor partners, both cultivating emerging market leaders as well as advancing brands poised for the next level of market expansion.

“One of the first questions I ask of a prospective vendor partner is always ‘Where do you want to be?’” states Jeff. “As professional brand partners, it is our responsibility to walk you through the process of market placement strategy, deliberately identifying where your brand belongs and when,” says Jeff. “The days of the ‘shotgun approach’ are long gone for those brands who desire long-term success in this business. This strategic process is unique and very detailed with each of our vendor partners; but at the end of the day, it is one of the most valuable business practices that we employ.”

But our process doesn’t stop with strategy and placement. Once you are on shelf, the real work begins and our talent really kicks in. We work with you to develop programs which move your product off shelf and into the hands of your desired consumer.  Our team is the best in the business. We select our Brand Partner Representatives as carefully as we select our brand partners. You will receive nothing short of top-notch service, every day, every step of the way.


See how J. White & Associates gives back.